Here you can find some of the top resources created by Greener Museums

Sustainable Museums: Strategies for the 21st Century

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How can museums remain resilient in uncertain times? How can they thrive under changing economic, legislative and cultural conditions? In Sustainable Museums: Strategies for the 21st Century, museum sustainability expert Rachel Madan covers new territory for any museum that is interested in becoming more sustainable. This is not a book about changing light bulbs… Sustainable Museums provides a system enabling you to start making changes that are both transformational and lasting. It will help you create a museum that is resilient, confident and secure in its sustainability approach. Read More

The State of Sustainable Museums

This free report summarizes the keys to sustainability for museums and the cultural sector. Available for download: The State of Sustainable Museums

Greener Museums Case Studies

Download to read about how 18 museums successfully reduced carbon, cut costs, and enhanced sustainability: Greener Museums Leadership and Development Programme Case Studies

Greener Museums Organisational Sustainability Benchmarking Guide

This is a great tool to help you gain clarity about the possibilities for sustainability in a museum. By having a clear vision about where your museum wants to go, you will be able to set up a framework that embeds truly “sustainable” sustainability. Download to use: Greener Museums Organisational Sustainability Assessment