[Greener Museums Newsletter] Hearts and Minds (and bottom lines)

[Greener Museums Newsletter] Hearts and Minds (and bottom lines)

Sent Monday, June 20, 2011


This group is about to get bigger! Remember the folks in the

picture here? They are the graduates from last year’s Greener

Museums Sustainability Leadership Programme. Their efforts led to

£250,000 of financial savings, and a total Social Return on

Investment of over £600,000. And I’m pleased to say that we’ve

recruited the first ten participants for next year’s programme. You

can read about them below.


, I’d love for you to join us. We are getting ready

to run the programme again and you have until August 15th to apply.

If you have questions, send me an e-mail. I’d be happy to set up a

call to speak with you.

To your greener future,


Rachel Madan, Director of Greener Museums



Here’s what’s in this issue:


Future Success Stories: The 2011 Greener Museums Sustainability

Leadership Programme

Feature Article: Hearts and Minds (and bottom lines)

Upcoming Events

About Rachel Madan


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Future Success Stories!

We are pleased to welcome participants representing the following

museums and galleries into the 2011 Greener Museums Sustainability

Leadership Programme:


National Museums Liverpool (World Museum, Walker Art Gallery,

Merseyside Maritime Museum, International Slavery Museum, Lady

Lever Art Gallery, Sudley House, Museum of Liverpool)

Lancashire Museums Service (Clitheroe Castle Museum, Helmshore

Mills Textile Museum, Queen Street Mill Textile Museum, Museum of

Lancashire, Lancaster Maritime Museum, Fleetwood Museum, Lancaster

City Museum, Judges’ Lodgings, Lancaster Castle, The Cottage

Museum, Rossendale Museum, Gawthorpe Hall, Turton Tower)

Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council Museums Service (Bramall

Hall, Chadkirk Chapel, Hat Works Museum, Stockport Air Raid

Shelters, Stockport Art Gallery, Staircase House, Stockport Story

Museum, Stockport Town Hall

Cheshire West Museums (Grosvenor Museum, Weaver Hall Workhouse and

Museum, Stretton Watermill)

Imperial War Museum North

People’s History Museum

The Dock Museum

The Brantwood Trust

The Fusilier Museum



Hearts and Minds (and bottom lines)


When it comes to promoting a culture of sustainability within an

organisation, you can’t do it by yourself. It is vital to win the

hearts and minds of staff throughout the whole organisation.


There are a number of easy-to-implement ideas that can help get

staff on board. Why not create a sustainability manager? Give

somebody the responsibility to help champion the greening of your

organisation and spread the message to staff throughout the museum.

This person (or even group of people) can help connect the

strategic plans of your museum to the day to day working lives of

each of your employees. This doesn’t necessarily have to be an

official job, so regardless of the size of your organisation, get

people involved.


You can incentivize staff by generating light-hearted competition.

Create competitions and incentives to see who is the most green.

This could include setting up league tables by giving points for

walking or taking public transportation to work, turning off PC’s

and printers or coming up with sustainability ideas. At the very

least this will get staff thinking and talking about how their

working lives have an impact on the environment, and what they can

do to reduce this impact.


Finally, simply tell your staff what it is you are trying to

achieve. Keep them updated by sending round regular news emails,

putting up posters or holding staff meetings.


The difference each member of staff can make on a daily basis will

soon add up. A single PC turned off each night or a single light

turned on an hour later each day can generate savings running in to

hundreds of pounds each year. So spreading a culture of

sustainability will also have a pleasant impact on your bottom line.


Simple measures like this can be effective. Getting everybody on

board and working together is half the battle. If you can build,

spread, nurture and support a sustainable culture within your

organisation you will find that sustainability quickly becomes