what are the 10 questions you need to ask yourself before 2010?

what are the 10 questions you need to ask yourself before 2010?

Sent Thursday, December 17, 2009


Welcome to the Green Guide, the monthly newsletter

published by Greener Museums. The climate change meetings in

Copenhagen are well underway, though progress is frustratingly

slow. These meetings have certainly captured the imagination and

attention of many in the arts and culture sector. Numerous arts

festivals are underway in Copenhagen, trying to bring new meaning

to the issue of climate change. In fact, this month I had the

opportunity to visit two art exhibits focused on climate

change. Ghost Forest, in Trafalgar Square (pictured above), and

Earth: Art of a Changing Planet, at the Royal Academy in London. It

is interesting to see how arts and culture are picking up these

hugely important issues.


10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before 2010

December is always a time when many of us look back on the year and

take stock of our actions and intentions. I think that we should do

the same for our approach to sustainability. So for this month’s

article, I offer you ten questions to ask yourself about your

organization’s approach and performance on sustainability.

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To your greener future,

Rachel Madan, Director of Greener Museums


Feature Article: 10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before 2010

Don’t worry, it’s not a pop quiz. There’s no time like the present

to start measuring your sustainability progress. You can even share

these questions with a colleague to see if they come up with

different answers. Enjoy, and see you in 2010!

1. Does my organization have a sustainability strategy?

2. Does my organization have policies that help to deliver the

sustainability strategy?

3. Is there a director or senior manager with the responsibility to

deliver the sustainability strategy?

4. If I ask a colleague to tell me about our organizational approach

to sustainability, will they be able to answer me?

5. Did we do an environmental assessment this year?

6. Have we identified our significant causes of environmental


7. Do our visitors know about what we are doing to go green?

8. Have we looked into greening our procurement?

9. Did we set sustainability performance targets?

10. How did we perform against our intentions?

I hope this list gives you some food for thought about some of the

areas you may want to begin exploring in 2010. Until then, have a

great rest of 2009!